Action Air Images is the photography company of choice for producing the best images of your aircraft. We specialise in the demanding aerial formation environment that standard 'gravity fixed' photographers could not begin to comprehend. The art of producing inflight photographs taken from helicopters, light aircraft, business jets and even military fighter jets is a complicated, expensive and difficult process, and our experts aim to do with with the utmost efficiency and safety.

Whether you need images for your airline, business jet charter company, military, aerobatic team, helicopters, for your advertising, publication or public relations, we can produce very high quality images second to none.

Chief photographer Mike Jorgensen has an extensive background in photography, and amongst his proudest achievements lists his work as flying with aviation legends Patty Wagstaff, Nigel Lamb, the Red Arrows, Breitling Jet Team, Blue Angels, Suisse Patrouille and many more. Mike is also an experienced military pilot, having served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a Strike Pilot, and the Royal Air Force as a refueller/transport multi-engine jet pilot. As an Australian Commercial Pilot he has also flown a variety of aerobatic and civilian types. As such Mike can also help plan and indeed fly some of the sequences for the benefit of other photographers, with his previous formation flying experience of various types proving invaluable in order to get that special shot.

If it's High or Low altitude, supersonic or hovering, high G or inverted flight, then Action Air Images will supply the best photographers and pilots anywhere in the world, to safely produce the best images for your needs.


"It has been great to work with Mike. As a professional pilot himself he can easily handle the demands of aerobatic manoeuvring in close proximity to other aircraft in order to achieve the best results."

Nigel Lamb, Red Bull Air Race, Warbird, Aerobatic, and Movie pilot.

"Mike Jorgensen is an excellent aviation photographer. His experience as a pilot (including time as a fast-jet pilot) has proved invaluable in his air-to-air work, where he has no difficulties looking through a viewfinder to obtain some outstanding shots — even if both his subject and camera ship are performing high-g manoeuvres. Mike has always delivered what he has promised - on time. I have no hesitation in recommending his work."

Rob Neil, Editor of Pacific Wings.

"I worked with Mike Jorgensen during my time as Lead Photographer for British Petroleum, AirBP Aviation Lubricants. During our time together, we worked in a highly skilled, very dangerous environment, flying in close proximity while directing professional pilots to develop truly unique images for Castrol-AirBP. Mike's professionalism, knowledge of aerobatics and formation flying, combined with his passion for photography, aviation, and flying, shined through day after day. Mike is a phenomenal asset on any photo/video set and has an outstanding work ethic."

Mike Shore, Aviation Photographer.